Lake City Way Workshop

Come participate in the future of Lake City!

Doors open at 8:30 AM
Workshop runs from 9:00-1:30

May 19, 2012
Nathan Hale High School

Who can come?
You! Your friends! Your neighbors! If you work or live in Lake City, or if you hope to work or live in Lake City, this workshop is for you! 

What will I be doing?
That depends. Our hope is to have an active, friendly, but idea-filled conversation. We will be asking you to brainstorm, think conceptually, come up with guiding principles, and maybe even do some diagramming and drawing (don't worry, you don't need to be an artist). However, if you prefer to participate in a more passive way, we will have plenty of opportunities for listening, written comments, and feedback.

Do I have to bring anything?
All you have to bring is yourself. If you already have ideas, pictures, maps, or anything that inspires you, bring it!

Should I RSVP?
It would be helpful for us if you did, but it is not necessary. Please email and just let us know you are coming.

Can I bring my child?
We are hoping to have an "activity corner" set up for younger community members (this is not 100% confirmed yet), and encourage them to take part by drawing what they love about Lake City!

Can my teenager participate?
We want all Lake City community members there! Everyone has a unique and different insight, and we want to hear them all!

Please tell me there will be some food.
There will be some light snacks and refreshments. Phew!